Social Skills Program

What is the Social lights Program?

Social lights program is for preschool, primary, secondary children and young people.

Principal psychologist Elizabeth Sulikowski wrote and developed the program based on her informed knowledge of childhood development and experience working with children.

The program is highly individualised, and tailored to the needs of each young person or group.

What is the aim of the program?

The Social Lights program aims to assist children on the Autism spectrum or those with anxiety. This dynamic program considers each child’s strengths and learning ability. This is used to plan and assist children in gaining the confidence and skills to connect and build healthy relationships.

What areas are targeted in the sessions?

Social Lights emphasises positive behaviour support and recognises that all children learn differently. Classes adopt an all-inclusive and multi-disciplinary approach to helping children improve their social skills. This includes a variety of fun learning techniques, such as role-plays, games, imagination, art, drama, teamwork activities, video feedback, animations, demonstration, and guided instruction. 

Areas include: 

  • Communication – conversation skills and non-verbal skills, body language.
  • Friendship and interpersonal skills – appropriate play, making and maintaining friendships.
  • Emotions – understanding feelings, relaxation, coping skills, anger and stress management.
  • Flexible thinking – negotiation, compromise, dealing with change.
  • Confidence – self-esteem, assertiveness, resilience.
  • Problem solving – conflict resolution, bullying prevention and response strategies.
  • Attention – planning, organisation, self-monitoring, shifting and dividing attention.
  • Growth and relationships – understanding puberty, life changes and building healthy relationships.

Would my child benefit from Social Lights?

Children who are on the Autism spectrum, as well as those who experience, anxiety, shyness, social phobias, anger, oppositional behaviour or who are struggling with friendships, would benefit from participation in Social Lights. 

How To Join

Chat with us to find out more and to assess whether your child may benefit from joining our Social Skills Group. Costs may be covered by NDIS funding.

  1. Meet with one of our team members for a pre-program planning appointment.

A pre-program appointment is booked in with the group’s social skills instructor. If your child is feeling nervous about joining, we also offer one-on-one appointments for rapport building with the instructor before joining the group. The session involves discussing specific goals, strengths, weaknesses, and background to form a group program based on the individual’s needs. Additionally, a school observation may be suggested to witness peer interactions.

  1. Participating in the Social Skills Group.

Our Social Skills Group uses fun, interactive, and creative activities that kids love! During the 55 minute session, parents may wait in the reception or return when the session has ended. Throughout the term, the instructor will keep the parent updated about the child’s progress and revise goals set in the group and discuss their progress or current struggles in other environments.

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